·         Responsible for dealing with both broad and very specific navigation sustainability and environmental risk-related issues of interest to PIANC that cross cut all PIANC areas, partner activities.

·         Developing and providing environmental guidance for sustainable waterborne transport infrastructure.

·         Networking/communicating with international organisations and associations dealing with sustainability and environmental risk issues and sharing of information on navigation and the environment with Countries in Transition.



·         Chairperson: Mr Todd Bridges (USA)

·         33 members from 15 nations and 7 partner organisations

·         Active Working Groups

·         Permanent Task Groups/Strategic Initiatives:


-       EU Water Framework Directive Navigation Task Group

-       Permanent Task Group on Climate Change (PTG CC)

-       Working with Nature Focal Point. You can access this focal point within EnviCom for any question concerning Working with Nature at focal_WwN@pianc.org




EnviCom Presentations


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EnviCom Action Plan 2014-2018


EnviCom Orientation Paper on Ecosystem Services


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EnviCom Contribution in the PIANC Yearbook 2014


Paper about EnviCom activities presented during PIANC-SMART Rivers Conference, September 2015


Guidelines for Chairpersons of PIANC Working Groups


-       Annex 1: ‘Overview of PIANC WG Development Status’

-       Annex 2: ‘Manual for setting up WG Member Area’


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