The PIANC Management consists of:

1.     The Annual General Assembly (AGA)

The governing body is the Annual General Assembly, which is composed of delegations from the member governments (Qualifying Members). These delegations usually represent not only the governments themselves, but also the Individual and Corporate Members of the National Sections which most countries have established.

The AGA operates through a Council and an Executive Committee (ExCom), which in turn, supervise the various Commissions. All Qualifying Members are entitled to have representatives in all Commissions and Working Groups. The AGA usually meets in the month of May in one of the Qualifying Member nations.

·         Dates and venues of PIANC congresses since 1947  

·         Overview of forthcoming AGA’s:

-       AGA 2016: Bruges, Belgium

-       AGA 2017: Cairns, Australia

-       AGA 2018: Panama


2.     The Council

The Council meets twice a year and gathers the members of the Executive Committee, the Honorary Vice-Presidents and the First Delegates of the member countries of PIANC. The Council examines and approves proposals and recommendations of the Executive Committee and submits them to the AGA for ratification.

·         Dates and venues of Council meetings


3.     The Executive Committee (ExCom)

Meets 3 times a year (February, May and October). It ensures the executive management of the Association and monitors the decisions and directives of the AGA and the Council.

·         Composition of the ExCom (February 2014)

·         Dates and venues of ExCom meetings



4.     Management Team

The Management Team consists of:

Geoffroy Caude



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Geert Van Cappellen



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 PIANC General Secretariat STAFF