Pablo Arecco                     Andrew Thomas



                                        William Glamore


·         Chairperson: Mr Pablo Arecco (Argentina), Co-Chairperson: Mr Andrew Thomas (USA)


·         Asia-Pacific Region Co-Chairman: Mr William Glamore (Australia)


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Creating a Network of the Future



YP-Com is dedicated to the career development of PIANC members 40 years of age and younger locally, nationally and globally. Opportunities in PIANC for Young Professionals included networking through meetings and events, experience on technical working groups, and education with scholarship opportunities.


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Don’t miss these upcoming events!  Visit the YP Activities page for a summary of previous YP events.


·         5th Biennial Technical Visit (BTV) – Ghent, Belgium – May 6-8, 2015


The Belgian PIANC YP group is organising the coming BTV based on the idea of Green & Blue Energy. Each day will be filled with a different technical programme, including visits to the following sites: an offshore windmill farm and a wave and tide energy facilities. All days will finish with a social activity to encourage networking between the participants. Registration is open until April 15, 2015. Please send your candidacy through the YP-Com delegate from your PIANC National Section, or in case you do not have a PIANC representative in your country, please contact us directly.


Only 50 vacancies are available. The requirements for joining are:


·         You should be an Individual Member of PIANC

·         CV

·         Motivation Letter


The opening will be on May 6th in Ghent, with Herman Van Rompuy, former President of the European Council. Every PIANC YP is invited to join us for the opening, presentations and reception on May 6 from 6 p.m. onwards (University of Ghent). The next two following days, technical presentations will complement the technical visits.


All these activities are sponsored by PIANC Belgium and there is no fee to attend to them for overseas participants. Participants should just cover their accommodation costs and tickets to Belgium. Nevertheless, we are still working to try to get sponsors to help the participants whose expenses are not covered by their companies or institutions.


Please note that for taking part in this event, you should be a Young Professional (40 years old or less) and member of PIANC.




·         PIANC-SMART Rivers 2015 – Buenos Aires, Argentina – September 6-11, 2015


At least three activities for YPs are already planned during these days. Do not miss the chance to join several YPs from South America during the first PIANC-SMART Rivers Conference outside Europe and USA. More than 35 % of the submitted abstracts are coming from YPs. Please visit the Conference website for more information.




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Countries Represented on YP-Com (with appointed delegates)





South Africa



The Netherlands




Peru (1)

The Philippines




United Kingdom




United States





Observers: Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Panama, Singapore, Sweden, Turkey, Uruguay and Vietnam


(1)   Appointed through the National Section of PIANC Argentina


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